I’m Back

The last semester really took it out of me. I felt like a wrung out dishrag and needed to REST! Over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about how important rest is for my well being. As a person involved in ministry, I see so many of us who are following our callings allowing our passion to overwork us. This passion for justice or for restoration drives many of us into a place of over-commitment that is ultimately self-destructive. We throw everything we have into our passion and forget that we are humans who need rest. So I am going to share with you my self-care queries and would love to hear what some of yours might be:

Am I creating empty spaces in my daily routines?

When I stop to rest do I feel guilty for resting?

When was the last time I “unplugged” from cell and internet?

Do I feel like it is not okay to take a break?

Do I feel like the existence of my cause/organization/church is dependent on me?


2 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Just remember: Put your own mask on first, before placing masks on the child or disabled person. (Airline advice)

    There is a reason for that!!! It does seem too simple. The other thing I find difficult is to “love thy neighbor as thyself”. What if you don’t love yourself?? I still struggle with that one.

  2. To a certain extent I think all of us struggle with that. I think part of those struggles are the tons of false messages about what makes a person loveable that surround us.
    I wonder what we would behave like if we understood that we are inherently loveable?
    Thanks for sharing your struggle, maybe we all can overcome that one someday…

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