New hymn parody while you wait

Things are a little crazy the last couple weeks with Community Warehouse’s Tualatin grand opening coming up this Thursday. I am the manager of the Estate Store there and have a LOT of work to do to make sure things are ready. I just haven’t had the time to thoroughly research part 3 of my series, so look for that in a few weeks. In the meantime I got into a silly mood after reading some facebook comments and I am getting very frustrated with the Messianic language that I am hearing in reference to “The Market”. To vent my frustration I wrote the following bit of satire to highlight the futility of looking to an economic system for fulfillment.

Yes, The Market Loves Me
to the tune of Yes Jesus Loves me

The Market loves me this I know
For the TV tells me so
All my cash to it belongs
Being selfish makes it strong

Yes, the Market loves me (3X)
The TV tells me so.

The Market loves me! Loves me still
Unless I’m very weak and ill
When I indebt myself to consume
The Market’s love for me will zoom.

The Market loves me! It will stay
By my wallet all the way
Glue yourself to its high priest
Buy cathode, plasma or LCD

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One response to “New hymn parody while you wait

  1. The Diggers and Levelers in our spiritual past would agree.
    What wonderful heresy!

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