Two Distracting Things

It is incredibly difficult to blog on very little sleep, but I wanted to share with you, my dear readers, the reason for my recent silence:

Analise’s first day.

I haven’t had the time for much other than supporting my wife as she cares for our new daughter. The much other that I am working on is being released to Pastor at Clackamas Park Friends Church. My first day in the office is tomorrow, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to listen with others for the voice of God to manifest, and to live into my calling as a leader. My cup runneth over, or maybe that is just the drool from my chin because I fell asleep while typing, either way I have much to be joyful about and much to keep me away from blogging for the last month. I will mostly be posting my sermons, but will also continue with poetry and links to a musical project that I am working on. My next post will be on October 7th. Until then may you feel the presence of the Divine Light, filling you with love until it overflows into the lives of every person you come in contact with.


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