Somebody Else Pray

This past week I experienced the necessity of community in many ways. On Friday I got a random text from someone asking if I knew a Subaru mechanic and it eventually came out that this person, whose name didn’t show up on my phone, was stranded at 83rd and Stark in Portland. I told whoever it was that I would be there in about 15 min and would do what I could since it was my day off. I arrived to see the Doula intern who had supported us a little over a year ago at the birth of my daughter, with serious car trouble.  Another mechanic came, told her the fuel pump was dead and she called a tow truck out. I got in the car to go and it wouldn’t start. OK, major laugh time here. I called someone in the church to come jump me and nothing, it was my starter. I called my mechanic and got no answer, so I left a message and called the church maintenance guy. He said “No problem” and came out. He took a look said it was my starter and told me to have it towed to the church. The person who came to give me a jump asked if I wanted her to take my daughter to our usual sitter so I could deal with this. The Doula remarked on how fortunate I was to have that kind of community around me. That community rallyed around me and by the end of the day my Doula’s car was towed, my car was working, and all children were home fine. Yay for community!

Did I mention that I had a really nasty sinus infection that was getting better Friday, but came back with a vengeance after being out and about all day? No, well I was flat on my back for the rest of the weekend and I had to call my associate pastor to preach for me and had to let go of how I had been feeling led earlier. God showed up in amazing ways, making the service one that was Spirit filled and with a message that spoke to our conditions. I wasn’t there, but I did get to hear the audio at Wow! That kind of vulnerability with times of struggle in the walk with God help so much. And one of my elders was kind enough to bring me soup. Yay for community again!

Yesterday it looked like my one year old caught daddy’s cold, and by the end of the day she had this horrible barking cough. When we put her down for bed she was wheezing and gasping. No fever, but I called the doctor anyway. It was 10:30 and all the urgent care facilities were closed and so I was directed to bring my daughter to the children’s ER in downtown Portland. I posted the situation on facebook and right away 12 people responded that they were praying. Within another hour 6 more were praying. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t pray right then. I was too focused on the baby and helping her, on getting to the hospital quickly. I will not comment on my obedience to the traffic laws other than to say that the chorus to the Pharcyde song Officer was running through my head:

Don’t pull me over Mr. Officer
Don’t pull me over Mr. Officer, please
Don’t pull me over Mr. Officer
Don’t pull me over Mr. Officer, please

I am pretty sure that would not be considered prayer in most circles. I reached out for prayer because this was a time that I didn’t have the faith to pray for myself or my daughter. The adrenaline was pumping and I was scared that she wasn’t just asleep in the back, but had stopped breathing. I was afraid and didn’t want to take the chance of bringing something to God and not hearing what I wanted. At that point I knew prayer was needed, but was afraid of losing it on the way, so I posted a “Somebody else pray” post. I needed somebody else to carry this to God because I couldn’t. I wonder if you have experienced a time like this when you ask others to pray because you just can’t? I did last night, and today as my daughter sat in her high chair shoving graham cracker crumbs up her nose I smiled and prayed “Thank you for community.”


One response to “Somebody Else Pray

  1. Gil being a parent opens you up to Gods revelation and bigger faith you can only understand this as you grow with your children. God bless. Mom

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