Something That Made My Week

As you who follow my blog know, the past few months have been pretty challenging on many levels, and now that things are starting to smooth out I am playing a bit of catch-up. This, of course means that I am late in posting, and this will probably continue for the next few months.

This week someone from my meeting came to me with a desire to talk and ask questions about faith. I came into this meeting with a little bit of leftover trepidation since the last few months have been a series of what felt like blows to the gut. I have been winded and now that I was breathing again I had this internal flinch ready for another blow. What happened instead was someone sharing their deep desire to connect with God and to grow deeper in their faith.

The palpable sense of relief that I felt reminded me that there are times when crisis ends. In that moment God reminded me that there are still people who listen, and that others really did see the Holy Spirit working through me. Often when I’m going through crisis I lose my ability to recognize God at work in me. By coming to me and asking for instruction this Friend was actually opening themselves up to God and ministering to me.

The takeaway here is that when we ask someone else to minister to us we are recognizing and encouraging the use of their gifting. Sometimes after a long period of needing to receive we desperately need the reminder that we have gifts of ministry to share with others as well.  For someone like me, who derives great joy from discussing and studying matters of faith with others, requests like the one I received two days ago are sources of life.


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