Lament In Recovery

I am trying video blogging since the broken finger makes typing hard and slow.


4 responses to “Lament In Recovery

  1. Gill that is the best expounding on lament that I have heard in a log time.

  2. Praying for you. You look good for what you have been through.

  3. I found your blog because I’m a former Baptist who went to Quaker seminary and was looking for resources regarding Quakers and the sacraments. I found your blog post on that and it was really informative! Thank you for writing and sharing it 🙂

    Regarding this post, I’ve found that the gift of trauma is that it opens us to others trauma.

    There is a unity, a communion of suffering. The challenge for me and I suspect for all of us, is to see the presence of God while within traumatic moments or situations.

    That being said, I recently met a 2 time lightning strike survivor and author, Beth Peterson and from meeting with her I really feel that our shared vulnerability and capacity for sorrow and delight is where we can find strength to endure our particular life’s challenges.

    Most days I feel like I’m lucky if I have just a tiny little mustard seed of faith. Maybe we really do only get mustard seeds to work with as far as this faith thing is concerned but when you think of your seed, one can hopefully see that’s it part of a collection of other seeds/stories. Your blog (Beth Peterson’s writings and so many other sources) is evidence of a collection.
    I thank you for sharing it.

    Peaceful healing to you.

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