An Extroverted Quaker is published by Gil George. Gil is a follower of Jesus in the Pacific Northwest who has been part of many denominations over the years. He is a Stay-at-Home Dad, poet, technical consultant, recently completed his call as Senior Pastor of Clackamas Park Friends Church, is a graduate of George Fox Evangelical Seminary, and is discerning his next steps in his ministry life. Most of the posts are sermons and reflections that arise from study and worship times.

Gil is married to Mel and has been blessed with an awesome daughter whose 8th birthday is approaching way too rapidly and another awesome daughter who turned 3 last September.

Gil is available to speak on Lament and Worship, Equipping Communities to Serve With People Experiencing Poverty, Multi-Cultural Community, Welcoming and Appreciating Diversity in Worship Communities, and Living in Community. Gil is also available to consult on connecting churches to social media, livestreaming worship services, and can help provide technical support and implementation services. Gil also gives weekend retreats for small to medium groups on Writing Psalms for Personal and Communal Worship. Please click the following link for scheduling.


5 responses to “About

  1. I’m printing this out for my unprogrammed meeting on the east coast. It touches the heart of what we all should aspire to as Friends.

  2. I currently live near Philadelphia… It was the Philosophy of Ministry peice that you wrote in 3rd month that I’d like to give to a gifts working group in New Jersey.

  3. Please feel free to use things from this blog. They are all released under the creative commons license for non-commercial use. I grew up in Philly, so I get out that way to see family as often as I can. Have a great weekend!

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